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    I've been living and working in Milan for two years now. I have found the experience so rewarding; I am able to explore the country and indulge myself in the culture of Italy. The agency have supported me along the way and have made everything so easy! Working in an Italian pre-school has given me the opportunity to grow as a teacher and develop professionally. I am so happy here and I don't want to leave!




    My experience so far as a teacher in Italy has been nothing but positive. I am going into my 4th year with my school & I have loved every minute of it. There is an adjustment period in the beginning, dealing with the language, the parents & the running of the school. But after a few weeks I had settled in well. I was very lucky as everyone in my school was so nice & helpful & even now 3 years later it’s all still going very well. I had previously worked in different schools in Ireland but working in Italy has been the best experience I’ve had & is why I have stayed in the country as long as I have. I have nothing bad to say about my time here.




    Moving to Italy, has been the best decision I have ever made. I’ve gained amazing new life experiences and visited so many beautiful parts of the country. My experiences have shown me how much the English language is valued and the importance of teaching children English is highly respected by parents and colleagues alike. AIZ have provided excellent advice and support throughout my contracts in milan!




    I have been living and working in Italy as a Primary School Teacher for one year now, having recently signed up to stay for another two. Warm people, amazing food and beautiful landscapes. Working as a teacher here is fantastic. The children are amazing, staff are friendly and the workload very manageable; I’m out the door every day at 4 O’clock, and there just isn’t the pressure and mountains of paperwork we have to deal with back in the U.K. The support I receive from my management, alongside the staff at AIZ Recruitment has made my experience living and working here so easy, and has allowed me to spend as much time as possible enjoying living in this beautiful country, rather than worrying about work.